Our Bakery

  Cinotti's Family of Cakes:


Cinotti's Six layer Cakes:

6 layers of our chocolate or vanilla cake with our Secret Family Fudge Icing. This has been a Cinotti's original for generations.

Kayla: " The Rainbow Cake":

6 layers of rainbow colored vanilla cake with our homemade buttercream icing.  This is our most popular cake.


Kylie: " The Confetti Cake"

4 layers of sprinkle filled vanilla cake covered in our homemade buttercream icing and then covered with colorful sprinkles. Such a fun cake!


Carlie: " Pink and Blue Cake"

4 layers of pink and blue colored vanilla cake covered in our homemade buttercream icing.


Cody: " Go Gators"

6 layers of orange and blue colored vanilla cake with our homemade buttercream icing, then garnished with orang and blue sprinkles.


Lauren: "yummy"

4 layers of vanilla cake with our signature strawberry-cream cheese filling, iced with our homemade buttercream. Still a classic.


Kenzie: " The Oreo Cake"

4 layers of our chocolate cake and a hand-blended Oreo buttercream, topped with a warm ganache and chopped Oreo's on top. Simply Delicious.


Peanut Butter Delight: " It's Like a big Peanut butter Cup"

4 layers of our chocolate cake and our special Peanut Butter Buttercream, with warm ganache poured over the top. OHHH MY.


Sawgrass: "Rich Chocolate at it's finest"

4 rich chocolate layers and a thick creamy chocolate icing make up this delectable dessert. Then it is covered in chocolate pieces adding more chocolatey goodness.... Must Try


Red Velvet:

4 incredible layers of our red velvet cake with Cinotti's own cream cheese icing. Generously covered in red velvet crumbs adding more deliciousness.  very popular cake.


Carrot Cake:

4 layers of our carrot cake with Cinotti's original Carrot Icing which blends cream cheese, pineapple, coconut, and pecans making this cake DELIGHTFULLY DELICIOUS.


Chocolate Buttercream:

4 layers of our chocolate cake with a hand-blended chocolate buttercream icing.  Milk chocolate curls, warm ganache, and more chocolate toppings are added....well, just because. ENJOY.


Twix Cake:

Vanilla cake, cookie center, caramel, chocolate icing. Repeat.  Then iced in a our FUDGE icing and topped with caramel and chocolate ganache. (Available by order only)



4 layers of our Strawberry cake with our hand-blended strawberry buttercream icing and strawberry filling. It's quite good.


Caramel Cake:

4 layers of our vanilla cake with a creamy CARAMEL icing. Perfect for fall.



4 layers of Hummingbird cake (Pineapple, Banana, and Pecans) with our homemade cream cheese icing, garnished with pecans and banana chips.  Great Southern Dessert.


Sacher Torte:

4 layers of our chocolate cake with a delicious RASPBERRY filling.  Milk Chocolate Buttercream icing with warm Chocolate Ganache covering the top.  A customer favorite for over 15 years.


Lexus Cake

4 layers of our CHOCOLATE cake with a COFFEE buttercream.  This MOCHA cake is then covered in MILK CHOCOLATE curls and warm CHOCOLATE GANACHE is drizzled all over.



Listed are a few of the cakes offered by Cinotti's. Other cakes and filling options are available.  Please call us with any questions and we will be happy to assist you in your cake selections. 

Thank you. Cinottis Bakery. 904 246 1728